Our story

Our mission

We want to make a positive impact on people and the environment. In a world where everyone is connected through technology, we also see that real social connection is lacking. Loneliness increased over the last years and Covid has proven the importance of a social environment more than ever.

infinitSpace facilitates this social environment. By creating flexible workspaces and involving everyone in the building, we bring people closer together. A strong community and a modern design make the office a place people enjoy.

For you

Social interaction is incredibly important and since people spend a lot of time at work, the workplace should allow to connect with others. Flexible workplaces make this possible. We create a place for open conversation, where a feeling of belonging is established. This makes the office a place people like to go to: a place of comfort, inspiration and connection.

For the environment

Our goal is to attain a smaller footprint by using space in an efficient way. By for instance using office space for community services in the evenings, spaces are not wasted and less buildings are necessary. Also, thanks to flexible workspaces people often need less time to travel to their work, resulting in less CO2 emissions. By making the world more durable, we build the cities and workspaces of the future!

Our values

To realize our goals, we live by the following values. Together - and only together - we can make the world a better place.

Be your best self

We deliver the best we can in everything we do, by doing the right things the right way.


We make it happen together. Our warm culture and team spirit brings out the best in each other.

Be determined

We accomplish our goals by always finding new ways to grow our organization and ourselves.

Be grateful

We do not take anything for granted and value life by being respectful, humble and present.

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