Community Manager

Our community manager facilitates engagement of everyone in the building, by managing every aspect of the tenant experience: software, spatial tech, premium services, events and community platform.

Highly skilled
On site managing
Total control
Community manager

Our Software

Our coworking / flexible workspace software offers a wide range of features, making it easy for the landlord and everyone in the building to smoothly navigate.

For you as a landlord

View occupancy

Get insights into the occupancy levels in the entire building

View revenue

See the revenue per product type, recurring and incidental revenues

Send automatic invoices

Make invoicing easy with our automatically sent invoices

View forecasts

See forecasts of occupancy levels, revenues and churn rates


Make improvements based on our data and analyses, to maximize output

Interact with tenants

Communicate easily with tenants, or send your newsletters

Your Brand, Our Software

Our software can be fully integrated in your existing technology. This way you can benefit from our features and tools while keeping your channels intact.

Your brand our software

For everyone in the building

Open doors

The touchless key system enables you to access the building and rooms

Book rooms and desks

Get insights into availability and book private meeting rooms and workspaces

Report problems

Notify when something is broken or not available, for quick repair

Sign up for events

Learn more about the event calendar and register for events you want to attend

Shop online

Buy anything in the online integrated Marketplace

Interact with others

Quickly contact other tenants or the community manager

Quick Communication

Thanks to the quick communication features, tenants can report problems for immediate repair. Also the integrated help desk enables those responsible to fix defects smoothly.

Quick communication
Wilco Wijnbergen

Our flexible office software can be easily integrated. The member app and website are branded with your name and logo.

Wilco Wijnbergen - CTO at infinitSpace

See what we can do for your office?

Our Services

Choose which services you want us to manage in your flexible workspace.
Basic services consist of the following:



Food & Beverage


Post & mail handling

Office supplies

But we have more, optional services. Let us know which services you wish for your office and we will arrange it for you.
We offer for example:

Sport facilities

Bike rent & repair

Fresh barista coffee

Want to provide your services in flexible workspaces?