Our mission is to empower human endeavour by bringing together local communities in world class spaces that have curated services and high-spec technology. We are the partner that landlords trust to create and operate their unique flexible and inspiring workspace brand.

What Landlords Say About Us

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“We are always focused on creating a great experience for our tenants, so the partnership with infinitSpace made perfect sense. Spread across three floors, beyond Aldgate Tower will not only serve new occupiers that are seeking an amazing, flexible workspace, it will also provide new opportunities for our current tenants.”

Our Spaces


London (UK)
beyond Aldgate Tower

The space is located at 2 Leman Street within the iconic Aldgate Tower. An impressive 16 floor glass building at the heart of this emerging district. Huge windows enable epic views and natural light floods  the expansive open floor design to enhance collaboration and human connection.

  • Private Offices, Fixed Desks, Coworking
  • Best-in-class Workspace App
  • Breathtaking Views
  • 6,000 sqm / 62,000 sq ft
blur offices

Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
coming soon

The strength of this building lies in the efficient office floors, high level amenities and well designed communal spaces to accommodate international HQs. With its impressive entrance, lobby and high standard materials, it offers a great business climate of international allure.

  • Private Offices, Fixed Desks, Coworking
  • Best-in-class Workspace App
  • Well-equipped Meeting Rooms
  • 2,500 sqm / 27,000 sq ft
beyond KH

London (UK)
beyond Kingsbourne House

This modern, grade A office building is located on top of Holborn’s tube station in an exceptional area at the apex of almost everything London has to offer. It offers 7 floors of contemporary workspace design infused with natural light, brickwork, biophilic features and a palette of colourful themes that will fuel creativity or nurture a calm mindset.

  • Private Offices, Self-contained Floors, Coworking
  • Best-in-class Workspace App
  • Well-equipped Meeting Rooms
  • 2,000 sqm / 24,000 sq ft
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Düsseldorf (Germany)

The space is designed as a sustainable building that responds to the environment and its urban context. The central atrium, the quiet terrace garden and the active roofs-cape all foster communication, earthliness, and health. This combination creates a location where people can develop and grow both in the community and as individuals.

  • Private Offices, Fixed Desks, Coworking
  • Best-in-class Workspace App
  • Event Space
  • 4,500 sqm / 48,000 sq ft

What Member Companies Say About Us

Why Coworking / Flexible Workspaces?

By 2030, 30% of global office space will be flexible. The market is changing rapidly and offices change to keep up with demand.

Large corporations are looking for a more tailored and flexible office

Flexible lease contracts will become the new normal

Employees want a better working environment with social connectivity

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