Flexible workspace made easy

With our expertise, software and infinite list of services, we create and run your flexible workspace. Under your brand and conditions.

What do we offer?

Create a community

By bringing people in the entire building together, we build the ultimate tenant experience. Events, newsletters and participation of employees create a feeling of belonging for everyone.

Run your own brand

Together we build your brand. With your own logo, design and personality, your coworking or flexible workspace brand is ready for use in no time. Our software enables you to instantly run your branded app.

Choose services

Every coworking or flexible workspace brand has its needs. We offer a wide range of services and facilities to landlords. From cleaning and coffee bars to a sports centre or a restaurant. We have it all!

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Get total transparancy

Our smart building software gives you access to real-time analyses, such as occupancy levels, bookings, revenues and churn forecasts.

With years of experience in the coworking or flexspace environment, we know how to make your flexible office a success. Our goal is to make flexibility and community easy for you as a landlord, in your way.

Wybo Wijnbergen - CEO at infinitSpace

Say goodbye to

Empty desks

With our software, your flexible workspace will be used in the most efficient way. No more underutilized rooms and potential revenue untapped.

Complex booking systems

Never have a room booked double. We have full control over occupancy levels in the building including invoicing system.


We provide fully integrated software for smooth and easy communication between the landlord and the tenants, service providers and community manager.

Managing facilities

We offer full service and take care of everything. Whether it is cleaning, food & drinks, super fast WiFi or printing.

Start your flexible workspace brand

Get your coworking brand ready in no time! Let's get in touch to talk about your wishes and find out how we make every landlord's flexible workspace a success. We take care of every aspect to have you enjoy the upside.

Get in touch

Contact us to find the perfect flexible workspace solution for your building. We are the team to build your dream.

Get Started

Arrange the office

We make your office ready for use. WiFi, branding, integrated technology, furniture, facilities, services and tenants, all settled in less than 10 weeks.

Run your flexible workspace

We take care of everything and make sure your tenants will have the best experience.

The work environment is shifting towards a flexible model and it is crucial for landlords to keep up with this trend. infinitSpace helps you with the transition by creating and running your flexible workspace, under your terms.

Elad Hod - CGO at infinitSpace
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Why coworking / flexible workspaces?

By 2030, 30% of global office space will be flexible. The market is changing rapidly and offices change to keep up with demand.

Large corporations are looking for a more tailored and flexible office

Flexible lease contracts will become the new normal

Employees want a better working environment with social connectivity